Generation Lighting Millbrooke Outdoor Pendant OL15209 Coastal Lighting

Millbrooke Outdoor Pendant

  • $458.55

Designed for Beauty, Engineered for the Elements

With outdoor lighting fixtures made from StoneStrong composite, you get the best of both worlds: style coupled with the rugged, no-nonsense durability of this remarkable proprietary material. StoneStrong is made up of ground marble and emery for strength, latex composite for durability, bonded together with an adhesive used primarily in outdoor applications. StoneStrong composite is especially well-suited for harsh climates where prolonged exposure to salty air, rain, sun, snow and humidity—even debris and pollutants—is the rule, not the exception.


- Rustproof
- Resists Corrosion, Fading, Fire, Acids and Alkali
- Twice the Strength of Resin
- Withstands Temperatures Ranging from -20º F up to 120º F
- Eco-Friendly—Complies with Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS)
- Maintains Fine Design Details and Textures
 - Coastal Region Approved
5 Year Warranty


Material:  EPMM Composite (A blend of plastic and ground stone.)

Finish:  Antique Bronze

Diameter: 10"

Overall Height: 85.875"

Height: 21.375

Canopy: D:5.125" H:1" Round

Socket: 3 - Candelabra - B Torpedo

Chain Length: 60"

Shade Details: Glass Water

Rating: Wet Rated


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