Turtle Safe & Dark Sky Friendly Lighting

Written by Blair Steadman


Posted on October 29 2019

Everstone Turtle Friendly Lighting

In recent years, the sea turtle population has declined due to many factors, one being artificial lighting. Lighting near the shore may cause hatchlings to become disoriented and wander inland, where they can die of dehydration or predation. Although lighting is essential in keeping areas safe and illuminated, many fixtures have a damaging effect on turtles and other wildlife.

Turtle Friendly fixtures help reduce sea turtle disorientation while also providing illuminated area for public places. Our Turtle Friendly fixtures direct light down towards the ground where it is needed, and also shields the light from being visible from the ocean.

We offer two options in turtle and dark sky friendly lighting.  Both the Everstone and Marlex fixtures are made from non-metallic, non-corrosive material and designed for harsh environments.  The Everstone fixtures take this design a step further and all mounting hardware, inserts, and thumbscrews are made of non-corrosive nylon.  Everstone fixtures are also 'OceanSide' approved and meet an uncompromising set of standards for low-maintenance durability and harsh weather performance.  



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