Everstone Oceanside Approved Lighting

Written by Blair Steadman


Posted on March 30 2022

 The Everstone "Oceanside Approved" Difference

Fixtures in the Everstone lighting collection are Oceanside Approved and are the highest level of durability in coastal and harsh environment lighting.  Standard metallic fixtures are susceptible to rust and corrosion from exposure to salt air.  Everstone fixtures are completely rust and corrosion resistant because they are made of a non-metallic, proprietary resin fiber material.  Everstone fixtures are thicker and heavier than injection molded fixtures and are comparable to luxury solid countertops and hot tub materials.  

Oceanside Approved products must meet an uncompromising set of standards for low-maintenance durability and harsh weather performance.  They are uniquely designed from the inside-out by eliminating components that can fail due to rust, corrosion or exposure to extreme climates.  All mounting hardware, inserts, and thumbscrews are made of stainless steel or nylon and capable of meeting the rigors of nature's harshest environments. 

Everstone fixtures are also made in America and feature a limited lifetime warranty.  

In any weather, humidity, rain, snow or heat, Everstone will keep its beautiful finish. Everstone fixtures will look the same years to come as the day they were installed. 





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