Everstone Non-Corrosive Turtle & Dark Sky Friendly Wall Mount - Florida Wildlife Approved

  • $226.80

In recent years, the sea turtle population has declined due to many factors, one being artificial lighting. Lighting near the shore may cause hatchlings to become disoriented and wander inland, where they can die of dehydration or predation. Although lighting is essential in keeping areas safe and illuminated, many fixtures have a damaging effect on turtles and other wildlife.

Everstone Turtle Friendly fixtures help reduce sea turtle disorientation while also providing illuminated area for public places. Our Turtle Friendly fixtures direct light down towards the ground where it is needed, and also shields the light from being visible from the ocean.

The Everstone Turtle Friendly wall mount is 100% cut off and complies with dark sky standards.  Everstone lighting fixtures feature exclusive ‘Oceanside Approved’ design. Everstone lighting fixtures are uniquely designed to withstand coastal elements with no adverse effects to the finish. In any weather, humdity, rain, snow or heat, Everstone will keep its beautiful finish. In addition to the Fiber Reinforced construction, all the mounting hardware, inserts, thumbscrews are nylon. Everstone fixtures will look the same for years to come as the day they were installed. 
  • Florida Wildlife Certified with Amber LED Light Source
  • Meets Standards for Beachfront, Turtle Safe Lighting
  • 100% Cutoff - Complies with Dark Sky Standards
  • 14.5"T x 7.13W
  • 4" Extension
  • Back plate:  14.125"T x 6.75"W
  • 1 - 12W LED
  • Outdoor
  • Oceanside Approved
  • Made in America

Everstone Turtle and Dark Sky Floriday Wildlife Approved Lighting

 Everstone Non-Corrosive Lantern - Medium


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